Manage Contacts Effectively with our
Inbuilt Free WhatsApp CRM
The all in one complete automated WhatsApp CRM

Tags & Categories
Custom Fields
Deep Linking
Chrome Extension
Powerful Automations
Multi Tasking 360 View
Opt out Management
Mini Apps
Programmable Reminder
Manage Contacts Effectively with our Inbuilt Free Mini CRM

Easy Contact Management

It’s super easy to manage and edit your contacts with our excel like on-screen editor which can edit any contacts with just a click.
Create as many as filter conditions
Excel like editor for quick editing
Edit 10X faster to save your time
Excel like editor for quick editing
Easily segment contacts with tags and categories which helps you to send a personalized broadcast message or start campaigns based on tags and categories values.

Contact with
Tags & Categories

Powerful Automation
Automatic Add / Remove Tags
Automatic Add / Remove Tags
Filter contact based on tags & categories
Integrates with Broadcaster & Connector


No more repetitive boring tasks
Easily make changes to contacts automatically based on any
events that happen in the 3rd party platform
Add & Remove Tags
Add to Categories
Remove from Categories
Update custom field data
Change contact owner
Add Notes
Add event logs
Automatically send WhatsApp
to a segment of contacts
Powerful Automation

Filter View

Create different filter views and switch between them to easily see the contacts with different conditions
Save Filter for easy reuse
100+ Filter Conditions
Create filter for custom fields also
Custom Filter View

any App Inside CRM

Mini App & Macro Buttons
Build and integrate any app you use right inside your Picky Assist CRM without any coding for contextual information to your agents while they are assisting customers, no more app or window switching. Macro button allows you to take a group of actions together in just one click like sending a proposal, adding a tag, segment into a category, adding into a drip campaign all in just one click
No Code App Builder
Integrates with any app having API’s
Save your agent time and increase efficiency
Save cost buying more user accounts from other softwares you use
Deep linking to WhatsApp, Google, Linkedin, Truecaller or any other app supports deep linking
Integrate any App Inside CRM
Easily create new custom fields to customize the CRM the way your business requires. Store any additional information like gender, age, address, files, date of birth, etc

Custom Fields

Make it Yours
Add Custom Fields
7+ Data Field Type
Support Saving Media Files
Filter from Custom Fields

Multi Tasking

Save 30% of time
A globally accessible menu gives you true multitasking capabilities,
avoiding switching between pages and apps.
Create a record from any pages
360 degree view in just one click
Open the conversation with just a click
Send emails, make calls in just clicks
Pin & sort contacts
Change contact owner
Add Notes
Add event logs
Automatically send WhatsApp
to a segment of contacts
Pin & sort contacts Send emails, make calls in just clicks Add Notes

Opt out Management

No more spam or blocking
The comprehensive hassle free opt out management for your business,
create as many as opt out list and give an option for the customers to
opt out from one or many lists, perfectly works for WhatsApp, Facebook
Messenger, Instagram & Email channels
Keyword based opt out for messaging channel
Link based opt out for email channel
3rd party app event based opt out
Integrates easily with your own app
Opt out Management


The Industry most flexible scheduler
The most advanced and flexible recurring scheduler allows you to schedule sending a WhatsApp message or execute a group of action in any combination of intervals as below;
Send sales figure to CEO at daily 8 pm except weekends
Daily 10 am fetch new post from a wordpress blog and send to a segmented audience
Sync data in every 2 hours from 3rd party app to Picky Assist
Send meeting reminder to remote sales team on every friday at 3 pm except 3rd week
Send reminder to server admin to backup data on every 2nd saturday at 11 am
Send birthday or anniversary greeting at 12:01 am on birthday
Send currency, gold or commodity pricing to a large audience at 9 am daily except Sunday
Send EMI reminder on 3rd, 5th, 10th and 25th of every month at 11.30 am
Send a month end offer to customers on every last day of the month at 10 am
Recurring Scheduler
Create different roles like Manager, Executive, Sales with 20+ privileges to restrict or allow access of the contact module

Roles &

Show what only matters
Partial data masking for enhanced security
Partial data masking for enhanced security
20+ privileges ensure more flexibility
Contact owner & custom chat routing

2 Way Deep

Works with any apps you use
Our 2 way deep linking features enables you to link Picky Assist and
3rd party platforms seamlessly without any coding. It’s powered by
deep linking URs and buttons
Start a conversion from 3rd party app
Open a conversion in Teambox
Open contact from any 3rd party app
2 Way Deep Linking
Add Color Background

Live Event Feeds
from any App

Add more context to your team
Get event feeds from any app you are using even from your custom
app which gives you a fully contextual view of the events happens on a
contact , view and track all the events inside the CRM
Integrates with any platform
No code integration
Save your user time
 Live Event from any Apps

The Best in Class Programmable

Be On Time Every Time
Never Miss any meetings, followups or to do tasks with the industry's best-in-class
programmable reminders for you and the entire team
Start a conversion from 3rd party app
Fully Programmable with no Coding
Sound, Browser Notification &
Mobile App Notifications
Voice note to avoid typing
Natural Language Powered Date & Time Input
Ask notes before making a reminder as Complete
Advanced Automation with Connector
The Best in Class Programmable Reminder
Be On Time Every Time
Easily create a contact from any 3rd party app using Picky Assist
Connector without any manual input, when a new record is
created in your Google Sheet add it as a new contact in Picky Assist

Create Contact
from any Apps

Keep it synced
Create Contact from any Apps
Automate contact creation
Integrates with 3000+ apps
Keep the data synced in all platforms you use

Add Contact

Google Chrome Extension
Adding contacts made extremely easy with our google chrome
extension, wherever you see a mobile number or email address just
select and right-click to add this to your contacts list
A perfect tool for lead generation
Configure 25+ actions
Add Contact from any Webpages


Make a Note
Sometimes you need to take quick notes about a customer's problems
and include screenshots etc , using the note feature your team can
take quick notes including media and add map against each contact
Add Color Background
Add Media & Attachments
Pin Notes
take quick notes about a customer's problems

Bulk Import & Export

Import data from any 3rd party CRM’s or excel sheet with our easy to Use guided bulk import features, Export the data only you need with our filters and save the filter condition to resume which saves your time each and every time.
Import from CSV, excel sheet
Attribute mapping
Data Synching
Filter wise export

One Click Contact Sync
from WhatsApp

One-click sync of all your WhatsApp contacts into the Picky Assist Mini CRM to continue the conversation easily
Sync messages from WhatsApp
Sync WhatsApp Contacts to Picky Assist CRM

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