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Be On Time Every Time Introducing Programmable Reminders

In today’s busy workplaces, it’s easy to lose track of all the tasks, meetings, and follow-ups that need to be done. The right tool can help manage these responsibilities effectively, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Picky Assist’s top-of-the-line programmable reminders are just the tool you and your team need to work more efficiently and productively. Let’s look at the specific features of this tool and explain how each one can make your work life easier.

Quick Comparison between regular reminder systems and Picky Assist Programmable Reminders

FeaturesRegular RemindersProgrammable Reminders
Reminder CreationManual input neededAutomated via No Code Connectors
CustomizabilityLimited optionsHighly customizable, user-centric
Notification ChannelsTypically one channelMultiple channels (WhatsApp, App, etc.)
Action on ReminderOften one action (Dismiss)Multiple actions (Complete, Snooze, etc.)
Reminder AssociationMostly user-basedCan be associated with contacts
Voice Note CapabilityUsually not availableAvailable in Picky Assist
Integration with 3rd PartiesLimited or not availableIntegration with software like Zoom, Calendly
Stats and MonitoringLimited or not availableFull stats about the reminders available
Enforced NotesNot usually possibleCan be enforced in Picky Assist

In essence, while regular reminders offer basic functionalities, programmable reminders like Picky Assist’s provide comprehensive, customizable, and integrated solutions that can be fine-tuned to each user’s needs. This ensures a more effective and efficient workflow, enabling you to never miss any important task or event, see the below-detailed feature list 👇

User / Agent Features

1. Customizable Reminders:

With Picky Assist, each agent has the power to create reminders for themselves or associate them with a contact. For instance, if an agent has an upcoming meeting with a client, they can easily set a reminder with the client’s name attached, ensuring they’re prepared for their conversation.

2. Flexible Notifications:

The system automatically notifies the agent before 15 minutes (or a timeframe set by each agent) and at the time of the reminder through various methods. Imagine being away from your desk – no problem. Picky Assist can send you browser notifications, WhatsApp messages, or even notifications via its upcoming mobile app. This ensures that reminders are never missed, regardless of your location.

3. Actionable Reminders:

Agents have the ability to mark a reminder as completed, snooze it, or reschedule it. If an agent receives an unexpected call during a scheduled task, they can easily snooze the reminder to return to it once they’re free.

4. Voice Note Capability:

One of the most innovative features of Picky Assist is the ability to add voice notes to a reminder. An agent can record a brief summary of customer interaction and use it as a reference before the follow-up call. This not only saves the time spent on typing but also reduces the need for revisiting the entire conversation.

5. Reminder Management:

Picky Assist’s dashboard enables agents to view and manage their daily, upcoming, missed, and completed reminders. This way, they always have a bird’s eye view of their schedules, aiding in better time management.

6. Natural Language Powered Date & Time Input

Picky Assist leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology for date and time inputs. This means that you can set a reminder using everyday language, such as below;

tomorrow at 12.30 pm
day after tomorrow at 11.23 am
today at 1.23 pm

next friday at 3.23 pm

Admin Features

1. Fully Programmable Reminders:

Admins have the ability to create fully programmable reminders that can be assigned to one or many agents. These reminders can incorporate third-party software links such as Zoom meeting invitations or Calendly events. This ensures the agent is provided with all necessary information at the right time. Powered by Picky Assist Connector

2. Customizable Notification Channels:

Admins can configure advanced notification channels like WhatsApp, Email, SMS or any other channels with the help of Picky Assist Connector where the admin can receive all reminders as an inbound trigger and is able to take different actions as per each business requirement.

3. Enforced Notes:

To ensure each task is accounted for, admins can enforce agents to add a note before marking a reminder as completed. This allows the admin to understand the outcome of the reminder.

4. Comprehensive Stats:

Admins have a comprehensive view of all agents’ reminders, including those missed, upcoming, and completed for the day. This helps them monitor productivity and make necessary adjustments to ensure optimal team efficiency.


The programmable reminders feature of Picky Assist aids in creating an organized, efficient, and productive work environment. By customizing and automating reminders, both agents and admins are able to manage tasks better, ensuring that no meeting, follow-up, or to-do task is ever missed.

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