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Supercharge Your Productivity with the Picky Assist Google Chrome Extension

Imagine transforming your productivity, performing tasks at lightning speed, and having more time for creativity and problem-solving. Sounds fantastic, right? This is not an elusive dream anymore, thanks to the Picky Assist Google Chrome extension. This ingenious tool, packed with features, can enhance your efficiency up to 10 times. Let’s break down how this works:

One Click, Many Actions

Ever noticed an email or phone number on a webpage and thought, “I need to contact this person or send them a proposal, add them to my CRM, and initiate a drip campaign?” In the past, you’d have to copy their contact info, open your email client or CRM, paste the info, and then get started on the task. But with Picky Assist, all this becomes a single-click process.

Simply right-click on the email or phone number, select “Picky Connector,” and choose the action you’d like to take. Whether it’s sending a business proposal, tagging the contact in your CRM, or adding them to a drip campaign, everything happens in the background, allowing you to move on to your next task within seconds.

Saves time and effort by allowing you to initiate multiple actions from any webpage, without having to open multiple applications.

Auto Append Multiple Country Codes

Let’s say you’re about to send a WhatsApp message to an international client, but their contact info doesn’t include a country code. Ordinarily, you’d have to look up the country code and add it manually. With Picky Assist, however, the process is seamless.

The extension automatically appends the correct country code to the number as per your settings. The fact that you can configure it to recognize as many country codes as your business requires makes it incredibly versatile for businesses with a global reach.

Streamlines international communication by automatically adding the necessary country codes to phone numbers.


If you find yourself typing out the same responses or messages repeatedly, Picky Assist’s templates feature can be a godsend. You can create templates for commonly used messages and send them with just a click, significantly reducing the time spent on redundant typing.

Increases efficiency by eliminating the need to compose the same messages repeatedly.

Multiple App Deep Linking

Everyone has their go-to apps for specific tasks. Switching between these apps can be time-consuming. Picky Assist’s deep linking feature allows you to jump directly to these apps with just one click. Be it SMS, Call, Gmail, WhatsApp, Teambox, or any other app, all it takes is a single click.

Advantage: Provides quick and easy access to your favorite apps, enhancing your workflow.

Integrate with Any App

Picky Assist doesn’t limit you to its own suite of features; it can be integrated with any third-party application via its connector. This means you can trigger actions in other software right from any webpage, without having to open the third-party softwares

Advantage: Broadens the scope of Picky Assist by allowing it to interact with other software, extending its benefits to almost any aspect of your digital workflow.

Send a Proposal via WhatsApp through Linkedin Instantly without opening WhatsApp

Quickly send a WhatsApp or business proposal from Facebook comments on your own posts or even competitors’ posts

Integrate with Google Maps to search for leads and send them an email proposal without opening your email or CRM

Send WhatsApp or Email Messages directly from Google Sheets and save your time switching between apps

In conclusion, the Picky Assist Google Chrome Extension is a one-stop solution for enhancing productivity. By simplifying actions, integrating seamlessly with your preferred apps, and streamlining communication, Picky Assist allows you to do more in less time, and with less effort. Experience a productivity boost today with Picky Assist!

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