WhatsApp To Email

Get WhatsApp Messages On Your Email & Reply From Email with WhatsMail

Add WhatsApp as a Channel to your existing Support Desk or Email Application and unify your communication with Picky Assist WhatsMail Adon for WhatsApp


Watch WhatsApp & Gmail In Action

Get incoming WhatsApp messages into your email inbox and give reply right from your email. You can also set rules for filtering certain keywords and push the WhatsApp messages to your email inbox like incoming messages containing “Support, call back �? etc.

WhatsMail Unique Features

AI Answer Bot

Don't overload agents with tickets/email which are in repetitive nature, lets artificial intelligence powered answer bot handles frequently asked questions 24 x 7 without any agents. Convert the conversation into tickets/email only if bot unable to answer a question or user prefer to get answers from a human.

Offline SMS & Call Channel

Integrate Picky Assist Phone automation to use your Android Phone as Gateway to Automate SMS & Calls. Get Incoming SMS & Calls Logs right into your Email Inbox.

Integrate with any Support Software

Yes, WhatsMail can be integrated into any Support Desk who use email address to convert tickets or just use with your favourite Email application.

Proactive Communication

Start a WhatsApp Conversation right from your email inbox by simply putting WhatsApp number in the subject of Email.

Send & Receive Attachments

Send & Receive all types of attachments supported by WhatsApp within the email or support desk.

Reply within Email

You can simply reply to a WhatsApp conversation within email same as how replying to an email.

Price Match Guarantee

Buy with Confidence! If you find any other company offering the services and features below than our price, then we guarantee to match the price.

Email Whitelisting

Allow proactive messaging only from whitelisted email address to control who can use WhatsMail Adon. Forward WhatsApp messages into multiple email address.

Getting Started

Please find the below step by step process to get started with Picky Assist & Email


Create A Free Account

Create a Free account https://pickyassist.com then connect WhatsApp Channel & activate WhatsMail Adon


Connect WhatsApp Number

Connect a WhatsApp number then enable go to Settings -> App and enable the WhatsMail Adon to forward all incoming WhatsApp messages to the given email address

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