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Features Basic
API Only
Monthly Rent $14/month $29/month $49/month $34/month
Yearly Rent $149/year $299/year $499/year $349/year
Number of Users/Agents 2 5 10
Additional Users/Agents Upgrade Upgrade $5/month
Number of Stored Contacts 2000 10000 20000
Additional Per Contact Cost Upgrade Upgrade $0.01/contact
Add Multi WhatsApp Channels
Facebook Messenger (One Account)
Add Multi WhatsApp Channels
WhatsApp Web Automation (One Number) $24 $24 $19 Free
Additional WhatsApp Web Automation (Per Number) $19
WhatsApp Cloud API (One Number) Free
Additional WhatsApp Cloud API (Per Number) $19
Instagram (One Account)
Email SMTP (One Account)
Email Amazon SES (One Account)
Email Sendgrid (One Account)
Android Call Tracking & Syncing (Call Blaze)
Google Business Messages Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Google RCS Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Telegram Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Messaging Limits
Interactions 150,000 (150k) monthly 500,000 (500k)/monthly 1,000,000 (1 Mn)/monthly Unlimited
After Free Usage Interaction Charges Upgrade Upgrade $0.001 NA
Teambox Access
Number of Users/Agents 2 5 10
Additional Users/Agents Upgrade Upgrade $5/month
No Code Chatbot Flow Builder (Beta)
Access to No Code Chatbot Builder
Number of Chatbots can create 2 5 10
Additional Chatbots Upgrade Upgrade $3/month
Modular CRM (Beta)
Access to Modular CRM
Access to All Prebuilt Modules
Number of Custom Modules can create 2 5 10
Additional Custom Modules per Module Upgrade Upgrade $5/month
Number Of Data Fields 25 50 100
Number of Records 150,000 (150k) 250,000 (250k) 1,000,000 (1 million)
Number of Workflows 2 5 10
Additional Workflows Upgrade Upgrade $2 / per Workflow
Storage Space 250 MB 1 GB 5 GB
Business Analytics Dashboard & Reports (Alpha)
Number of Reports Can Create 25 50 100
Number of Dashboards Can Create 5 10 25
Maximum Number of Records in Dashboard 10 25 50
Total Number of Report Views 2000 5000 10000
Number of Saved / Archived Dashboards 25 50 100
Connector & Mini App
Connector Access
Mini App Builder
Number of Connectors 05 25 50
Connector Invocations (All Connectors) 5000/month 25000/month 75000/month
Additional Connector Invocations Upgrade Upgrade $0.003
Connector Rate Limit (Per Minute) 10 50 100
HTTP API Rate Limit Per Minute 1 2 5
Iteration Loop Cycle 500 1000 2000
Automation & AI
ChatGPT Integration
Smart Replies 200 500 1000
Sequence Automation 10 50 100
Recurring Scheduler 2 5 10
Additional Recurring Scheduler Upgrade Upgrade $0.50 per Scheduler
Social CRM Features
Custom Attributes 10 25 50
Tags & Categories 10 20 Unlimited
Chat History Availability 60 Days 180 Days 365 Days 3 Days
Marketing Growth Tools
Drip Campagain
Advance Segmentation
Upload Contacts
Personalise Messaging
Auto Followup
Link & Button Tracking
Timezone Based Delivery
API & Webhooks
API & Webhook Access
Number of API Invocations (24 Hours) 3000 5000 100000
API Rate Limit (Per Minute) 50 90 90
Integrations & Ad-On's
ChatGPT (Beta) Free Free Free
Mobile App (Beta) Free Free Free
Google Chrome Extension Free Free Free
Zoho CRM $15/month Free
Facebook Lead Adform $10/month Free
Zapier $10/month Free
Zendesk $15/month Free
WhatsMail $15/month Free
Facebook Community Support
Email 24 x 7
Live Chat (Best effort basis)
Free Onboarding One to One Session (One Time) 1 1 2
Consultation & Setup $50/hour $50/hour $50/hour

Please Note: Data Charges are applicable as per your Telecom Provider When Using WhatsApp Web Automation

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