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Guide to Select Best WhatsApp Solution

When comes to WhatsApp Business Solution we have 4 options and flexible billing plans to select. This guide helps to choose the best solution for your business.

WhatsApp Business Solutions Offered by Picky Assist

There are 4 options available with us to choose, based on your nature of business and usecase you can select the most suitable one.

  1. Android Phone Automation
  2. Official WhatsApp Account
  3. WhatsApp Shared Number
  4. WhatsApp Web Automation (Adon)

Quick Comparision

FeatureWhatsApp Official Web AutomationPhone Automation
Send Text , PDF, Images, Video & Audio Message✅ ✅ 
Send Contacts & Stickers🚫🚫
Send Location 🚫
Send Interactive Buttons🚫🚫
Receive Text✅ 
Receive PDF, Images, Video, Audio, Documents, Contacts, Location 🚫
Start A Conversation Yes, Template Based
Sending Speed (Text Messages)5 to 250 per second70 to 100 per minute5 to 6 per minute
Sending Speed (Media Messages)5 to 250 per second50 to 60 per minute5 to 6 per minute
Receiving Speed (All Messages)5 to 250 per second70 to 100 per minute30 to 50 per minute
Delivery & Read Reports🚫
Delivery Ratio98%90-95%80-90%
Quoted Replies Mentions
Coming Soon
Verified Badge (Green Tick)✅ Subjected to Approval🚫🚫
Ability to use WhatsApp Web or Desktop App🚫🚫
Blocking AlgorithmLiberalStrictStrict
WhatsApp Approval Required to Get StartedYesNoNo
24 Message Window RestrictionYesNo No
Ability to Send Marketing, Promotional Messages🚫
Ability to Send High Volume Notification Messages🚫🚫
WhatsApp Number Filter Tool
Ability to Get Display Name of the Sender🚫
Ability to get Display Picture of the Sender🚫🚫
Ability to Send & Receive Message in Groups🚫
Coming Soon
Typing & Voice Recording Simulator🚫
Coming Soon
Mandatory Warmup ProcessYesNoNo
Business Usecase Restrictions YesNoNo
Onboarding Time7-10 Working Days5 Minutes5 Minutes
WhatsApp Approval Needed to Get StartedYesNoNo
Physical Phone & WhatsApp App needed NoYesYes
Requires Andriod 6 or Above with Minimum 1 GB RAM & 500 MB Free Storage + Always Connected Internet + Phone Unlocked + Phone & Language Should Set to EnglishNoAny phone will work. WhatsApp App should be installedYes

1. Android Phone Automation

We make use of your existing Android Phone & WhatsApp Number as a gateway to automate. In order to automate you need to install our bridge app in your android phone which will act as a bridge between your WhatsApp and our servers.

No Approval Needed From WhatsappNot an Official Solution
Get Started in 5 MinutesNot Scalable so not recommended for handling a high volume of messages. Read Benchmarking Results
Affordable Plan Starts from $5 or Pay As You Go PlanActual Delivery & Read Receipts Not Supported (Sent Report Supported)
Possible to Send any type of message contents including marketingRequires an Android phone installed with our bridge app, phone language should be set to English and phone should be always unlocked
Can be used for marketing purposes, supports drip campaign, mass sending (recommended only when the user sends at least one message to your number)Limited support on sending messages to groups (possible to reply only when a message comes into a group i.e not possible to send a message to a group without someone sends a message)
Technically possible to initiate a conversation even if the user not contacted your business.Sending Contact & Location not supported
Send messages to any countries without any extra chargesReceiving Media files not supported
Possible to Send & Receive SMS using the phone SIM CardRead Complete Limitations
Possible to start a call conference using the phone SIM Card
Possible to start a click 2 call/call back service using the phone SIM Card
Possible to reject the incoming call after x seconds (Missed Call)

2. Official WhatsApp Account

WhatsApp Official Solution is a fully managed enterprise scalable solution suitable for businesses who want to engage large audiences through WhatsApp. Before start using WhatsApp Official Solution, your business and phone number must be approved by WhatsApp. Don’t worry we will take approval for you.

Official Solution Approved & Authorised by WhatsAppYour business must be approved by WhatsApp before start using the service (We will take the approval) Apply Now
Highly Availablity & Scalable Service Not all categories of businesses are eligible. Read WhatsApp Commerce Policy
Supports Sending & Receiving all type of media files including contact & locationIn order to send a message after 24 hours from the last user interaction businesses need to make use of pre-approved message templates. Read More

Marketing/promotions messages are not allowed after 24 hours
Supports Actual Delivery & Read ReceiptsCurrently, only image and pdf media are supported through templated messages, however during 24 hours you can send all type of media’s Read More
Option to get Verified Badge (Green Tick)A valid opt-in is required to send messages. Read More
No need to host any phone to send and receive messages, the solution is based on WhatsApp Official DockerCountry-wise charges for template messages. See Pricing
Possible to get the context of the message i.e when a user tap reply to a previously sent message you will able to get which message user is replied.Price starts at $199. See Pricing
Possible to create groups, send and receive messages in groupsSession messages after free quota will be billed (unlimited plan also available for session messages)
Mandotory Warm Up Process for Templated Messaging i.e Template message sending limits increase gradually i.e by default you can send template messages only to 1000 users in 24 hours window and this gradually increases when you reach each day threshold. Read More

3. WhatsApp Official Shared Number

Use our Shared WhatsApp Official Number to send and receive WhatsApp Messages using dedicated branded keyword like #your-brand-name (#picky) or use our un-branded keyword for testing like #WV12623883FUrU1AgHG

Highly Scalable & Reliable SolutionNo option to use your own number, numbers may not available in all countries.
Cost-effective compared to a dedicated WhatsApp Official AccountThe number shared with multiple businesses
No approval required from WhatsAppNot possible to get brand visibility and identity
Get started in 5 minutes Not possible to get Verified Badge (Green Tick)
In buit Optin & Optout ManagmentWorks only with pre-approved templates and not possible to request new templates (case to case we may allow)
Intelligent Context Switching & Auto appending signatures if multiple contexts are available against a user. Read MoreNot possible to initiate a conversation, in order to send even a template message the user must send at least one message to your keyword.
Mandotory Warm Up Process for Templated Messaging By default, you can send template messages only to 100 users in 24 hours window and this gradually increases when you reach each day threshold.
If multiple contexts present aginst a user then all reply messages will append with your signature to avoid confusion to the user. This will apply only if a user is interacting with more than one business at a time

4. WhatsApp Web Automation

We make use of your existing WhatsApp Number connected with the WhatsApp Personal or Business App, in order to automate WhatsApp you need to scan the WhatsApp Web QR code with our server.

No Approval Needed From WhatsApp
No dependencies like Bridge app, you can just scan the QR code with Picky Assist to get startedNot possible to use WhatsApp Web or Desktop Application
Able to Send & Receive All type of media filesSending Contact is not supported now

Choosing a Solution

UsecaseSuggested Solution
Less than 1000 contacts and 50,000 messaging volume monthly and no need to receive media and send contact and location through WhatsAppPhone Automation
Contacts between 1000 to 5000 and 100000 messaging volume monthly and need to send & receive media , location and contacts through WhatsAppWeb Automation
Want to send marketing messages after 24 hours like Drip Campaign, offers, etcPhone or Web Automation
Want to use one number for WhatsApp, SMS & CallPhone Automation
Businesses categories which are not allowed by WhatsApp / businesses rejected by WhatsApp for an official solutionPhone or Web Automation
Don’t want to get billed for country wise Phone or Web Automation
Businesses who need scalable and reliable messaging solutionsWhatsApp Official Account
Business who need to deliver time-critical messages like OTP, Notification Alerts etcWhatsApp Official Account
Businesses who need to get exact delivery and read receipts of the messagesWhatsApp Official Account & WhatsApp Web Automation
Businesses who want to get a verified badge (Green Tick) and display the brand name to the user even if the number is not saved in the contactsWhatsApp Official Account
Businesses who want to send and receive all type of media including contact and locationWhatsApp Official Account or WhatsApp Web Automation
Businesses who want to collaborate through WhatsApp groups (Programmatically) Read UsecasesWhatsApp Official Account
Businesses who are a limited budget still need a scalable and reliable solution but can comprise followings;

No problems of having a shared WhatsApp number

No problems to educate users to send the specific keyword to get started

No problems to make use of the pre-approved templates

No problems if the shared number does not belong to your country.
WhatsApp Official Shared Number

Choosing the best billing plan

You can choose the billing plan based on the answers of the following questions;

  1. What is the estimated number of active subscribers in a month?
  2. What would be the average monthly messaging volumes?
  3. Whether API access is needed or not ? i.e whether you want to integrate WhatsApp with your existing CRM / Application or any 3rd party applications.
  4. What kind of features you are looking for like Smart Replies, Drip Campaign, Broadcaster, Social CRM etc ?

Based on the above answers please compare different plans and choose the best one for your business

Please note in phone automation only Pay As You Go & Unlimited Plan offers API access so please choose the plan carefully, if you want to send and receive WhatsApp messages programmatically or want to integrate with your application or any 3rd party applications then please select Pay As You Go or Unlimited.