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WhatsApp Approval Process & Onboarding

To get started with WhatsApp Official Business API your company should be approved by WhatsApp, there are few steps involved to get approval from WhatsApp.

Our Role

Picky Assist Inc is an authorised ISV of WhatsApp and can Onboard business across the globe for accessing WhatsApp Official Business API. We also provide you with Simplified API or UI Based Solutions. Our primary role are as under;

  1. Getting In Principle & Final Approval from WhatsApp
  2. Submitting Your Company Profile & Present use case to WhatsApp for final approval
  3. Followup with WhatsApp team for getting approval
  4. Deployment of WhatsApp Docker Containers & Maintenance
  5. Giving Simplified JSON API & Web-hooks (For Developers)

For Non Developers (Ready Made Solutions)

  • Broadcaster (Personalised Mass Messaging)
  • Smart Replies (AI & ML Powered)
  • Chatbot Builder
  • Connector (Zero Coding Platform for Connecting WhatsApp into 3000+ apps)
  • Workflows & Automations
  • Multi Agent LIVE Chat
  • Analytics & Reports
  • WhatsApp Compliances & Opt-in
  • Subscription Management

Approval Process

There are 2 Step Approval Process with WhatsApp

1. In Principle Approval
You need to submit the few details to us and we will keep in touch with WhatsApp for getting the In Principle approval. This process doesn’t involve any detailed scrutiny but just to ensure that your nature of business is complying with the WhatsApp Business Policies | Commerce Policies | Opt-In Requirements This takes 2-3 Working Days

2. Final Approval
Once you get the in principle approval you need to pay the one-time setup charges (non-refundable) as mentioned in our pricing page, As soon as we received your setup charges we will start preparing your company profile, use cases and other documents needed for final approval and present to WhatsApp. This process takes 3-10 Working Days

During the Final Approval Process you will be on-boarded with WhatsApp by creating a WhatsApp Business Account and mapped against your Facebook Business Manager. Once you are on-boarded you also need to upload few documents related to your business existences and the same should be approved by facebook, also you need to give consent in your facebook business manager to send and receive WhatsApp messages on behalf of you which enables to activate your docker services.

Before you apply please make sure the followings;

  1. You have gone through our pricing page and have a clear understanding of how you will be billed monthly.
  2. You should have a Facebook Business Manager because WhatsApp maps your Mobile number & WhatsApp Business Account to an existing Facebook Business Manager, in case if you don’t have one please create it for free. Click Here to Create One
  3. Your business and messaging needs must comply with the WhatsApp Business Policies | Commerce Policies | Opt-In Requirements

Apply for WhatsApp Official Account

Please submit your details through the below form, please submit all details correctly as WhatsApp will verify the details submitted by you for the final approval process. If you are an existing customer then you can apply through your web console. Login in to your Picky Assist Web Console -> From the left Side Menu Click on “WA Official API Request” then fill and submit the form

What will happen after the submission of the application?

  1. We will evaluate your details and if your business and use-case are eligible for getting WhatsApp approval then we will submit the details to WhatsApp for getting “In Principle” Approval. This process takes 2-3 Working Days
  2. When we receive “In Principle” approval we will communicate you via email and you need to pay the one time non-refundable setup charges as per the plan you would like to opt.
  3. After you pay the setup charges we will start preparing your company profile, use-cases and other documents needed for final approval and present to WhatsApp . This process takes 3-10 Working Days
  4. During the “Final Approval” process you have to follow certain steps in your Facebook business manager. Read More
  5. As soon as you completed the final step your number needs to be verified an SMS / Voice-based OTP will send to your phone. You need to handover this OTP to us in order to configure WhatsApp Business Account.
  6. That’s It integration is completed and you are LIVE. Now you need to pay the advance monthly rent to get started. Refer API Documentation

If you are not getting the final approval then we will refund the setup charges collected within 7 working days.

Guidelines to Fill the Form

  1. Make sure you are giving accurate information about your business, all information submitted by you will be verified manually by the WhatsApp / Facebook team
  2. If you are applying on behalf of another client then please input your client details, each of your client need to be verified by WhatsApp
  3. Please enter your company legal name as per in your documents, WhatsApp will ask you to submit supporting documents during the final approval process.
  4. Make sure your website and facebook page is functioning and updated with exact nature of business (coming soon pages will not get approvals) and your website should have a complete business address, about us, terms & conditions, the privacy policies, your brand logo (if the display name is required in your brand name)
  5. Please explain your use-case clearly i.e Why, What & When you want to send messages to WhatsApp Users
  6. Please mention your correct facebook business manager id, it’s not your facebook page id , if you don’t have facebook business manager you can create one for free

Majority of the application get rejects because of not following the Display Name guidelines , so please make sure you are choosing your display name as per the WhatsApp Guidelines. Read Display Name Guidelines