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Whitelabel Android Bridge App

Rebrand Picky Assist Unique and Hot Selling Andriod Bridge App into your Company brand name and build your own customer base without disclosing our name to your customers.

Are you an agency or technology company that offers various telecommunication or IT enabled services to your customers?

Then you can now start offering WhatsApp as a Channel for your customers using the Picky Assist Android bridge app and that too rebranded to your company/brand name.

  • Suitable for IT Enabled Companies & System Integrators
  • Companies providing services like SMS, Voice Calling, Email etc
  • Companies having Chatbot platforms or services similar to picky assist “All In One Communicate Suite”
  • Marketing Agencies with a development team

How It Works ?

The app works the same as our existing bridge app but rebranded to your company name i.e the app name, icon, welcome screen logo, inside branding and color, contact prefix name will be replaced with your choice.

If you are not familiar with how the picky assist bridge app works then please click here.

What Can be Rebranded ?

Following sections of bridge app can be rebranded of your choice ๐Ÿ‘‡

App Name & Logo

Choose your app name and logo
Welcome / Splash Screen

Update with your Welcome / Splash Screen Contents
Inside App Logo Small

Update with your own app logo inside the app

Change Inside Header Background Color

Change the header background color to match your logo or theme
Change the Contact Prefix
The app needs to save the contact into phone contacts in order to work with WhatsApp, so before sending or receiving a WhatsApp message if the number is not already saved in the phone then the bridge app automatically save the number with a prefix starting from your app name like in our case its Picky_12334567
white-lable-urlCommunication URL
In order to communicate from the phone to picky assist servers, we make use of URL’s , these URL’s are not directly visible to the user however advanced users with the help of network logger app may able to see URL as https://pickyassist.com so for all Whitelabel app’s we replace this URL with our non-branded url’s (who-is privacy enabled)

Project Management API

Get access to our project management API’s which allows you to perform followings tasks programmatically in order to seamlessly integrate with your existing software / application.

Create a ProjectThis API allows you to create a new project and get the license Key / QR code image to pair with the device . Read More
Get ProjectsThis API allows you to get projects which are activated on your account. Read More
Set / Update WebhookYou can set or update Global , Event & Smart Replies anytime against a project. Read More
Create API TokenYou can create new API token against a project. Read More
Manage API TokenThis API allows you to disable / enable / delete API token against a project. Read More
Change Billing PlanThis API allows you to upgrade / downgrade the billing plan configured against a project. Read More
Fetch Account Balance You can fetch your available balance. Read More


Whitelabel Andriod Bridge App costs you $899 one time and takes 10 to 15 working days to deliver your custom app with free lifetime updates.

Please note only the bridge app gets rebranded picky assist web console will remain same.

Getting Started

Please follow the below steps to get started with your own branded bridge app

  • Create a Free Picky Assist Account if you don’t have one
  • Add $899 to your account using Paypal
  • Send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Whitelabel App Request”
  • One of our project managers will get back to you and share the dimensions of images and other information which you need to provide to us.
  • We will start the app customization and deliver the app as per the timings updated by our team.
  • Test the app and push to your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a technical team , is the Whitelabel app good for me ?

Mostly Whitelabel app is suitable for those who have similar services of Picky Assist or any communication services like SMS, Voice Call, Email etc , still if you are not giving a user interference to the end customers and manager everything manually at your end then you may make use of our web console and provide your client with the bridge app but remember in this case you will not able to provide your client with a GUI

How future updates will be pushed ?

The app have built-in update system and check for periodic updates, if any new updates are available it will prompt to the user, they can simply click and install the newly updated app

Can I put my custom app into google play store?

No, Google will not allow listing app which makes use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies.

How can I create new users ?

Whitelabel app doesn’t allow you to create new users with picky assist however you can create any number of new projects within your picky assist account so practically every user will have a project under a single account of yours.

Will you deliver the source code of the bridge app as well?

No, the bridge app is proprietary developed technology of picky assist and we don’t provide the source code of the same.

Is it 100% Whitelabel ? any backlinks to picky assist ?

It’s a 100% whitelabel app with no backlinks to picky assist. All communication between the bridge app and our server makes use of non-branded domain name.

How long it takes to deliver the custom app after making the payment?

Generally, all custom app delivers within 7 working days however this may take upto 15 working days as well depends on our work schedules.

Can I request to translate the app to another language as well ?

No, currently we are not supporting the translation of app because the app make use of some text values set in WhatsApp and Andriod to automate certain tasks, so the app , phone and Whatsapp language should be set to English all time.

Do you also provide Whitelabel web console ?

No, currently we are providing Whitelabel services only for the bridge app but we are considering a full white-labeled solution for non-developers which includes our web console and all in one communication suite.

Do I need to pay extra for future updates?

No, all future updates will be provided free of cost.

Apart from $899 is there any other monthly charges ?

$899 is the one time cost only for customizing the bridge app , in order to use the bridge app you should have any valid plan configured against every project. Check Pricing

When I create a new project for a user how billing works ?

When you create a new project you can specify which plan needs to be configured for a project and the required billing amount will be debited from your account balance.