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The Problem

WhatsApp recently rolled out their enterprise business api for large customers but unfortunately getting approval from them is a tedious task for many organisations. WhatsApp also charge per messages based on the destination country and required pre-approved templates to send messages.


The Solution

We have invented a technology powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which make use of your existing Android Phone. You just need to install a small application in your Android Phone where WhatsApp is running, that's it rest you can control your Android Phone & WhatsApp through our simple API & Webhooks.

Approved By WhatsApp ?

If Yes then it's not your playground, please send an email to support@pickyassist.com to start configuring your official whatsapp number with picky assist and go LIVE in less than 3 days with full Features like NLP,AI & ML Powered Chatbot, Subscription Management, Social CRM, Broadcaster , Sequence Automation , WhatsApp Template Management , WhatsApp Container & Node Management

How it Works


Install Picky Assist Bridge Mobile App In Your Android Phone


Connect the Bridge Mobile App with Picky Assist Cloud Servers


Start Sending & Receiving Whatsapp Messages in Your Server

Developers API Features


Whenever a new message received in your WhatsApp number we will trigger your Webhook with Mobile Number & Message Received.

Broadcast API

Initiate a conversation by sending a WhatsApp message by just passing the WhatsApp number and message. Supports Sending Images, Videos, Audio & Files

Dynamic Broadcast API

Sending 100 of messages made easy with dynamic messaging API , just pass the number and message in JSON format in a single API call and it will send to all WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp Number Filter API

You can quickly filter the whatsapp active numbers with whatsapp number filter API, which helps you select the mode of communication with the user.


You are not limited only sending WHatsApp messages, if you wish you can send SMS right from the phone using the SIM Card

Phone API

Control your phone right from your server for checking internet wifi status, phone battery level, messages in queue , cancel queue etc

Business Advantages

No Approval

You don't need to take approval from WhatsApp or wait to get started

Use Existing Number

No need to change your existing business number.

No Per Message Charges

You don't need to pay per message charges a flat monthly or yearly charges.

No Destination Based Charges

You can send messages to any country without paying any extra charges.

Go LIVE in 10 Minutes

You can complete the integration and GO LIVE within 10 minutes.

24x7 Support

We are always within your Reach 24 x 7 Support through LIVE Chat.


  • Android Mobile Phone with Version 5.0 or Above
  • 128 Kbps Internet Connection (Cellular / Wifi)
  • WhatsApp Business or Personal App
  • Google Play Store with Active Gmail Account
  • 500 MB of Free Space in your Phone
  • 256 MB of RAM Space in your Phone
  • Picky Assist Bridge App & License Key

Painless Shifting

In between if you manage to get approval from whatsapp to start using the official business API, then you can easily migrate to our official whatsapp solution without changing your existing API infrastructure. Please note your whatsapp number and billing plan will change.


$35 per month or $299 per year / per device - Unlimited Messages to Any Countries.

Getting Started

Please find the below step by step process to get started with Picky Assist WhatsApp & SMS Automation.


Create A Free Account

Create a Free account https://pickyassist.com on verifying the email address your account will be credited with $2 for testing the services.


Create A Project

Then you have to create a project from the web control panel and acquire license key - > From the Left Sidebar Drop Down & Click "Create New Project"


Configure Mobile App

Once you got the license key, download the picky assist android bridge app to configure your Existing Phone with picky assist project. Download Latest Mobile App from this link Click Here To Download App (Play store version app will not work)

Please note without the Bridge App Automation wont work. Guidelines to configure the picky assist app Click Here To View


Configure Webhook & API's

Once the license is activated in your mobile phone where WhatsApp and picky assist app is running. Login into your Web Console Navigate to Settings -> Configure Webhook to start receiving messages and for Generating API Token Go to Settings -> API Tokens. Read More on configuring Webhook & API Click Here to Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on your usage patterns, if you send many messages to unknown contacts within a short time and have high spam reports by users then you are likely to get blocked by WhatsApp. If the users are interacting then blocking chances are very less. We have customers using the service for many months without blocking.
If you are blocked by WhatsApp you need to contact them through the options available in the WhatsApp app after blocking. You can activate new number in your same devices - our license is not based on numbers its issued to your mobile devices so you can continue using the service by activating another WhatsApp number in the same number.
NO, we dont use any separate softwares / cloned apps which are banned by WhatsApp , we simply make use of your existing WhatsApp installed in your phone , It works in a same way how how Google Assist helps you to send a WhatsApp message through voice commands.
You can send 12-20 messages (Combined In & Out) per minute using broadcast feature, our software has the option to configure delay between each messages, you can configure from 10 seconds to 1200 seconds.

The phone and application may malfunction (missing message, wrong reply, WhatsApp stop working, phone stop responding, phone over heat etc) if the incoming message limit is more than 20 in a minute. So please consider this limitation while using this service.

WhatsApp is designed for one to one communication so sending beyond 20 messages in a minute to 20 unique contacts is practically not possible to achieve by a human so your number blocking chances are high. You can read our best practice guide here Read More

If you wish to send mass messages then we recommend to create more projects and distribute the message load across all the projects. For an example if you would like to send 100 messages in a minute then we recommend to create 4-5 projects and distribute the messages between all the projects.

If you are enterprise or large customer looking for getting WhatsApp Official Business API then please refer this link Read More

You can also compare the advantages and disadvantage of Official WhatsApp Solution & Picky Assist Automation Read More
YES, we make use standard JSON API so you can easily integrate with any platforms irrespective of its programing language or server OS
Yes , its available to all countries
Yes, you can send images, videos, audio and documents (contacts & location not supported now)
NO , you just need to install the android app in your phone where WhatsApp is running. You dont need to pair your WhatsApp with any 3rd party software or WhatsApp Web
Picky Assist mobile application is the core module of the project which act as a middleware between your application and WhatsApp application installed in your mobile phone. Picky assist mobile application is seamlessly connected with picky assist cloud servers to automate the messaging services, i.e whenever a new message received in your mobile application picky assist mobile app push the details to your server and reply will be posted back to the corresponding messaging app.

Without installing the picky assist app its not possible to automate the messaging services.

You can download picky assist mobile app from this link Read More You can also read how to configure picky assist mobile app with the picky assist servers Read More
As per the google play store policy they will not allow any app which required permission to read data using robotic permission automation tools, Its 100% Safe & Secure to use , we store all your sensitive data in industry standard encrypted formats and we are GDPR compliance, please our data processing agreement here, read more security features here, read our privacy policy here , read our general terms of service here
Our mobile app is compatible 90% of smartphones running Android 5.0 or above. Still certain local phone manufacturer customise the android and may not fully compatible hence we highly recommend to test our app with your mobile phone before subscribing to any paid plans.

The app is tested with all global manufactures phones and its fine tuned for Samsung, Asus, HTC, Redmi phones running Android 5.0 & 6.0.
NO, we support WhatsApp automation only on Android Phones with 5 or above version. iPhone or any other phone users will receive your WhatsApp messages

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