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WhatsApp Business Use Cases

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  • Thanks for your interest on this property �?� we are glad to inform that sample flat is ready, please let me know when to schedule a site visit?

  • Tomorrow 3 PM

  • Sounds Good 😎, could you please share your location to arrange a pickup ?

  • Location map

  • Thanks �?, we will send you a cab tomorrow by 2.45 PM

  • Hey, I am planning for a family vacation and a bit confused about your packages listed on the website.

  • Sure, I will help you to choose the right package for your vacation. Please let me know which package you are looking to buy?

  • Kerala Honeymoon Package with 5 Day / 6 Night

  • Great, it’s one of our best-selling packages and let me know what query are you having?

  • Is this package inclusive of the flight and travel charges ? also I want to add 2 more extra days into this package.

  • No, this package is not inclusive of flight charges but airport transfers, sightseeing travel expenses are included. We can definitely extend your honeymoon for 2 more days, do you have any specific theme or place in mind?

  • Yes, I prefer to spend 2 days in a houseboat, please let me know your best price.

  • Sure, here is the revised itinerary and we can offer you all-inclusive of $2000

  • pdf img

  • Do you have an iPhone XR 64 GB in stock?

  • Yes, we have in stock and it costs you $749 after discount, please order now and get 5% additional discount. https://amazon/iphone/order

  • Thanks, if I order today when will it get delivered?

  • If you order in the next 5 hours, 20 minutes you will get it delivered by tomorrow.

  • Thanks, I will place an order very soon.

  • Alright �?

  • Hello John. Did you get a chance to review the proposal I sent yesterday?

  • Oops! In between, I missed to check my email, could you please share here?

  • pdf

  • Could you please share a few more images of the material?

  • img

    Sleeve Type: Half sleeve
    Neck: Round
    Wear Type: Casual Wear, Causal Wear
    Gender: Men
    Fabric: Hosiery

  • img

    Size : Small, Medium, Large, XL
    Fabric: Cotton
    Occasion: Casual Wear
    Pattern: Printed
    Sleeve Type: Half Sleeves

  • Thanks, I will tell office to issue PO today,

  • Thanks for your prompt response and business, we are looking forward for long term business relationship.

  • My washing machine displays some error on screen, could you please help ?

  • Sure, could you please click a photograph or record a video and share it with us?

  • img

  • Thanks, please give me a moment to check the details

  • Thanks for your patience, this error appears when the device can’t drain water. The causes of the error that prevents dirty water draining: The drain filter is so clogged that the water simply doesn’t pass through it into the drain hose; There is clogging in the drain hose, at the junction with the filter or at the junction with the siphon; The water is not drained due to the drain pump malfunction.

  • Oh I see, what to do now?

  • Don’t Worry, I will send a video which explains how to clean the dirty filter which could solve the issue

  • img

  • Thanks! It’s working now.

  • Could you please guide how to register a medical insurance claim?

  • You can register your insurance claim through our online website or using the mobile app, you can also visit any of our branches to file a claim. Here is the list of branches

  • Ok, what all documents I need to carry for registring a claim?

  • Following documents are needed to register a medical claim 👇 1) Scanned Copy of Bills 2) Discharge Summary 3) Policy Document Copy 4) Identity Proof (Any)

  • For complete details visit

  • Ok, Where can I download my insurance policy document?

  • Please login to our self-service portal and navigate to My Polices -> & Select Policy -> Click On Download Policy Document

  • You can watch the video here

  • img

  • Thanks, it helped.

  • I want to replace my water filter, could you please arrange a technician?

  • Sure, could you please provide the model number or name of the water filter you are using?

  • It’s UV201 23L

  • Thanks, it will cost you $52 + Service Charge $10

  • It’s fine for me, please schedule for tomorrow morning at 11 am

  • Sure, can you please share your location or address?

  • img

  • Thanks! I have scheduled a technician for tomorrow 11 am and here is your reference number #998934

  • Hello John , Thanks for dining with us today and we love to hear your feedback which helps us to improve our services.

  • How was the overall service?
    1 �?
    2 �?�?
    3 �?�?�?
    4 �?�?�?�?
    5 �?�?�?�?�?

  • 4

  • How was the food quality?
    1 �?
    2 �?�?
    3 �?�?�?
    4 �?�?�?�?
    5 �?�?�?�?�?

  • 5

  • How was the ambiance?
    1 �?
    2 �?�?
    3 �?�?�?
    4 �?�?�?�?
    5 �?�?�?�?�?

  • 4

  • How you rate the cleanliness ?
    1 �?
    2 �?�?
    3 �?�?�?
    4 �?�?�?�?
    5 �?�?�?�?�?

  • 3

  • Thanks, �? John for your valuable feedback and we will put all our effort to keep improving our services.

  • Could you please share the location of the exhibition venue?

  • img

  • Is there any entry fee?

  • Yes, I have just generated an entry ticket for you, please scan the QR code at the entrance

  • img

  • Please share the contact details of a member.

  • img

  • I am looking for a custom addon development where WhatsApp can seamlessly connects into my in house developed CRM and i would like to know how much you charge for doing custom development?

  • Sure, we can offer you with a custom addon development , may i know your requirements in detail ?

  • I have an inhouse developed CRM in PHP and MySQL, OS is Centos 7 and i want your service to send a WhatsApp message whenever my database get update with certain value and meet certain conditions, is this possible ?

  • Yes, we can do this as custom work , do you have developers available to provide us with an event webhook where your system can push the update to our platform instructing to send a whatsapp message ?

  • Unfortunately , we don't have any development team now, so you need to integrate after analysing our CRM

  • Sure, we can do this and we charge $25 per hour , detailed estimate can be given as soon our project manager evaluated your CRM modules

  • Thanks, what are the steps involved to get my CRM evaluated to prepare the estimates ?

  • One of our project manager will contact you via email or WhatsApp and they will take forward this.

  • Cool, waiting for the further update from your team.

  • Sure, you will be contacted very soon

  • Thanks

  • Happy to Help you Always ! Have A Good Day

  • Daniel (Group Admin)

    Hello Students ! This groups helps you to learn quickly by posting your doubts, we have 3 teachers added into this group to rectify your doubts.

  • Clara

    How to Simplify (4x2 - 2x) - (-5x2 - 8x) ?

  • Edward

    Here is the steps to simply
    (4x2 - 2x) - (-5x2 - 8x)
    = 4x2 - 2x + 5x2 + 8x.
    = 4x2 + 5x2 - 2x + 8x.
    = 9x2 + 6x.
    = 3x(3x + 2).

  • Shenthil

    The volume of a globe varies as the cube of its radius. Three solid globes of diameters 11/2, 2 and 21/2 metres are melted and formed into a new solid globe. Find the diameter of the new globe.

  • Edward


    Let V be the volume of a globe of radius R.

    Then, by problem,

    V �? R3

    Therefore V = kR3 ..... (1) [k = constant of variation ]

    If v1, v2 and v3 cubic metres be the respective volumes of globes having radii ¾, 1 and 5/4 metres then using (1) we get,

    v1 = k ∙ (3/4)3 = 27k/64 ;

    v2 = k ∙ l3 = k;

    v3 = k ∙ (5/4)3 = 125k/64

    Let v cubic metre be the volume of the new solid globe. Then,

    v = v1 + v2 + v3 or, v = 27k/64 + k + 125k/64

    or, v = 216k/64

    or, v = 27k/8

    If the radius of the new solid globe be r metre, then using (1) we get,

    v = kr3

    or, kr3 = 27k/8

    or, r3 = (3/2)3

    or, r = 3/2.

    Therefore, the diameter of the new globe = 2r = 2 ∙ 3/2 = 3 metres.

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