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A quick look back into 2022

What a year 2022 has been for all of us! We are sure that your business could reach all its goals and also confident that Picky Assist too has played its role well in it. we do remain committed and strive hard to improve your business communication by adding more value to your business journey in the coming years. 

Let’s have a quick look at what we have delivered in 2022 and the milestones which we have to achieve in 2023, keeping your business in the center.

Quick Stats

1st Quarter 2022

  1. Instagram Channel Added
  2. New Mini Apps (Contact & Notes)
  3. New Navigation Menu
  4. Teambox Analytics
  5. Introduced Contact Owner 
  6. Contact Owner-Based Routing Rules 
  7. WhatsApp Official New Dashboard & Stats
  8. New CRM Settings Page
  9. New File Attribute Type 
  10. Contact Bulk Upload (revamped with new features)

2nd & 3rd Quarter 2022

  1. Default Template Option for WhatsMail & Zendesk Adon
  2. New Features in Broadcaster Report Section
  3. Delivery, Read & Submitted Time Update in Reports
  4. Enhanced Search in Delivery Report Section
  5. Message queue counts show against each campaign
  6. Deep Linking Teambox & Contacts
  7. WhatsApp Group Integration Into Broadcaster
  8. Broadcaster is Now for Team Members
  9. WhatsMail Integration Into Connector
  10. The All New UI for WhatsApp Official Templates
  11. New WhatsApp Official Dashboard
  12. Teambox Chart Sorting

4th Quarter 2022

  1. Google Chrome Extension for Zoho CRM
  2. Global Extension for any Webpage

Upcoming Features in January 2023 Picky Assist 2.0

Welcome 2023 with all new possibilities, our biggest-ever release, we are excited to launch Picky Assist 2.0

  1. Connect multiple WhatsApp channels into a single project
  2. WhatsApp cloud API as a new channel 
  3. Email as a new channel 
  4. Drag & Drop No Code Email Builder 
  5. Drip Email & Automation 
  6. Powerful opt-out management 
  7. Multi-Channel in Zoho CRM (Connect multiple WhatsApp)
  8. Google chrome extension for Zoho CRM
  9. Google chrome extension for any webpage 
  10. Channel-wise routing rules for Teambox
  11. Role based channel sharing 
  12. Send WhatsApp drip campaign via a specific channel 
  13. Fully automated billing
  14. Instant Creation of WhatsApp Web Automation Servers
  15. Message & Contact sync for WhatsApp Web Automation 
  16. Quick Messaging 
  17. Iterator in Connector (Loop Actions)
  18. Data Parser in Connector (Extract values)
  19. Revamped Channel & App Page
  20. Update in WhatsMail Adon
  21. The New Dashboard
  22. New Onboarding Experience

And 100+ Improvements

2022 to 2023

2022 is the year at Picky Assist have laid the foundation to go beyond business communication automation and you will see many new amazing products and services in 2023 

  1. 100% Modular Full fledge Conversational CRM 
  2. No Code Chatbot Builder 
  3. No Code Workflow Builder 
  4. More Channel Integrations
  5. More App Integrations
  6. Enhanced Connector 

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