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Understanding WhatsApp Official Billing

WhatsApp Official Billing is slightly different than other product and services billing , this guide will give you a clear understanding on how you will be billed when using WhatsApp Official Account.


There are 4 pricing component involved in getting WhatsApp Official Approval and using of services as explained below ;

ItemDescription Billing Frequency
One Time Setup CostOne time setup charges & consultation charges (Only after getting approval from WhatsApp) One Time
Monthly Hosting & Maintenances of WhatsApp Docker Monthly maintenance of WhatsApp Official Account (Docker Hosting) Monthly
Session ChargesSession charges or non template charges are flat charges we charge per interaction i.e both incoming and outgoing will be billed (no country wise charges) Monthly
Templated Messaging ChargesMessages sends after 24 hours window or conversation initiated by the business is called templated messages and will be charged based on the destination country and monthly messaging volumesMonthly

WhatsApp Templates

Templates are pre-approved messages from WhatsApp which used to send outbound messages like OTP, Shipping Alert, Transaction Alert, Appointment Alerts. Read More About Templates

Marketing or Promotional Messages are not allowed. Templates need to be used only if you want to send a message after 24 hours from your last user interaction.

You can send any messages including marketing or promotional within 24 hours of last user interaction time. Currently, only text, image and pdf is supported through templates and all templates must be approved by WhatsApp.

All outbound template messages are charged as per the destination country. i.e similar to how telecom charges their ISD charges for SMS or Calls View WhatsApp Country Wise Template Chargesโ€Œ

WhatsApp Session

All inbound and outbound messages to your WhatsApp number is called Session. A session will start when the user initiates a message with your number and the session lasts for 24 hours from the last messages received from the particular user, which means the session time will get resets whenever a new message receives from a user.

When a user session is active you can send any type of messages including marketing, promotional, media, contact, location etc. Session messages are billed at a flat rate mentioned in the pricing section.โ€Œ


The billing will be done on prepaid basis and its real-time, you can add funds to your account and all charges will be debited from your account automatically.

Billing Examples with Sending Patterns

Below example will demonstrate different usage patterns and billing components associated with it

Sending PatternsBilling
Sending Invoices, Shipping Info , OTP, Appointment Reminders, Payment Reminders, Payment Details, Delivery Information etcCountry Wise Template Charges Are Applicable

Billed only if no active session against the user.

Please note there is no free quota for templated messages
User initiates the conversation or user replied to your template messagesSession Charges Are Applicable

Billed only if the free session message quota is exhausted, every plan comes with certain free session messages
Chatbot, Interactive Communications Session Charges Are Applicable


I want to send an invoice as PDF when someone makes a purchase on my site / app , how I will be billed ?

If the user is not contacted before i.e within 24 hour through WhatsApp you need to make use of WhatsApp Template Messages. You will be billed as per your plan and destination country.

I want to send templated messages to different countries and how I will be billed ?

You will be billed as per the destination country and plan opted, below is an example for few countries. See Complete Country Wise Pricing

India$0.0051 $0.0049 $0.0047
Brazil$0.0567 $0.0544 $0.0520
USA$0.0102 $0.0098 $0.0094
UAE$0.0282 $0.0270 $0.0259

My Customer always initiate the conversation by sending a message like to get their current account balance etc and I used to reply immediately with the information they sought, how i will be billed ?

If you are sending reply within 24 hours of the last message from the user then you be billed as Session messages, Session messages are billed flat irrespective of countries , below are the session messages free quota and usage charges

Free Sessions Per Month150000 (150K)300000 (300K)Unlimited
Additional Session Message Charges $0.00070 $0.00056Free

I am want to send messages to 5 countries do I need to take a different number for each country ?

No, you can send a message to any countries using one number however if you prefer local number to be displayed then you need to take 5 numbers.