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Transforming Educational Consultancy with Picky Assist

Educational consultancies serve as a guiding light for students, offering essential services like admissions assistance, counseling, and visa arrangements for universities locally and internationally. With the plethora of tasks, these organizations juggle daily, it is vital to have efficient communication and workflow systems in place. Picky Assist, a robust business communication automation solution, is here to make this mission achievable.

Picky Assist: Bridging the Communication Gap

Picky Assist provides a one-stop solution for WhatsApp business communication. Its features include Teambox, Smart Replies, Broadcaster, Drip Campaign, Connector, Lead Automation, an in-built mini CRM, and One Click Automation. By employing these tools, educational consultancies can enhance their communication, streamline operations, and nurture leads more effectively. Let’s explore how each feature can contribute to this transformation.

Teambox: Streamlining Team Communication

Consider this scenario: a student is reaching out with urgent queries about a visa application process. With Picky Assist’s Teambox feature, multiple team members can share a single WhatsApp number to handle these inquiries. This ensures a prompt response, irrespective of time zones or individual team member availability. The result? Better customer service and satisfied clients.

Smart Replies: Your Virtual Customer Service Representative

Late-night queries from students or parents shouldn’t have to wait till the next business day. Smart Replies enables an immediate, automated response to common questions, thereby providing round-the-clock assistance. This immediate response capability can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and relieve your team of some workload.

Broadcaster: Personalized Outreach Made Easy

The Broadcaster feature allows consultancies to send personalised mass messages, a useful tool during admissions season. For instance, you could send out reminders about application deadlines or visa requirements, ensuring your students are well-informed every step of the way.

Drip Campaign: Automated Lead Nurturing

Imagine a prospective student has just inquired about studying abroad. With Picky Assist’s Drip Campaign feature, this lead can be automatically nurtured through a series of scheduled messages, guiding them from initial inquiry to the point of application submission and beyond.

Connector: Seamless Integration

The Connector feature allows you to integrate WhatsApp with any third-party apps without coding. For example, if your consultancy uses a scheduling app for appointments, Connector can synchronize WhatsApp conversations with your schedule, streamlining the process and saving time.

Lead Automation: Boosting Conversions

In today’s digital age, leads can come from diverse sources, such as Facebook, Google Ads, and Instagram Ads. Picky Assist’s Lead Automation collects these leads and nurtures them automatically, effectively increasing your chances of converting prospects into clients.

Mini CRM: Organization at Your Fingertips

Keeping track of numerous students’ data can be overwhelming. With Picky Assist’s inbuilt mini CRM, you can easily tag, categorize, add notes, and set reminders. For instance, setting a reminder for a student’s visa interview or tagging students based on their chosen study destination can help streamline your workflow.

One Click Automation: Multiple Tasks, One Click

Finally, One Click Automation allows businesses to execute numerous tasks together, such as sending a proposal, adding a tag, or setting up a reminder. This can prove especially handy when managing bulk tasks, like sending out acceptance letters or reminding students of upcoming deadlines.

Driving Cost-Efficiency and Boosting Sales in Educational Consultancies

In the competitive field of educational consulting, the ability to save operational costs and drive more sales is crucial for success. Picky Assist, with its suite of innovative features, can be a game-changer in these aspects. Here’s how:

Saving Costs Through Automation and Efficiency

One of the primary areas where Picky Assist brings about significant savings is by automating communication and lead management.

  1. Teambox: By sharing a single WhatsApp number among multiple team members, the need for multiple phone lines or devices is eliminated. This not only reduces telecommunication costs but also ensures efficient use of resources.
  2. Smart Replies: Automation of responses to common queries can reduce the burden on customer service personnel, allowing for a leaner team and lower personnel costs.
  3. Drip Campaign & Lead Automation: Automated lead nurturing eliminates the need for manual follow-ups, freeing up your team’s time to focus on other value-added activities. This increased efficiency can reduce the need for additional manpower, contributing to cost savings.
  4. One Click Automation: Streamlining multiple actions into a single click reduces the time spent on tasks, translating to decreased operational costs.

Boosting Sales and Admissions

Effective use of Picky Assist can also lead to an increase in sales, admissions, and client satisfaction:

  1. Broadcaster: By sending out personalized mass messages, you can keep your services at the forefront of prospects’ minds, driving sales and admissions. Timely reminders of deadlines can also boost application submissions, which directly impacts your bottom line.
  2. Drip Campaign & Lead Automation: Automated nurturing of leads can increase the conversion rate, leading to more admissions and sales. Timely follow-ups ensure that prospects stay engaged and informed, increasing the likelihood of them choosing your services.
  3. Mini CRM: By keeping track of students’ data effectively, you can better understand their needs and tailor your services accordingly. This personalized approach can improve client satisfaction, driving sales through repeat business and referrals.


Picky Assist’s smart business communication solution not only enhances the efficiency of educational consultancies but also contributes to significant cost savings and increased sales. By automating tasks, improving team communication, and streamlining lead nurturing, Picky Assist helps these consultancies to deliver exceptional service while optimizing their operations and boosting their bottom line. With Picky Assist, you can navigate the competitive landscape of educational consulting with confidence and success.


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