Compare WhatsApp Official Solution Vs Phone Automation Solution


Let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of Official & Automation Solutions

We believe in providing solutions so keep the disadvantages in mind while using the WhatsApp Phone Automation and make sure the disadvantages don’t affect you/clients’ business.

WhatsApp Official Solution Phone Automation Solution

Supports sending and receive images, video, pdf, document, audio, contacts, location

🚫 Not possible to send media files like video, audio, contact, location through templated messages i.e you can only send image and documents through templated messages (after 24 hours)

βœ… Supports sending images, video, pdf, document, audio

🚫 Sending Location & Contact Not Supported

Supports only receiving text messages. Media receiving support through URL Upload Option only (no native support)

βœ… Supports Creating Groups, Adding Recipients, Send & Receive group messages including media files

🚫 Not Supported Sending Messages to Groups. Only possible to receive text messages and give an instant reply, not supported sending messages without receiving an inbound message

Ability to Use Existing Phone Number including Toll-Free, Landline, Mobile Number

Ability to Use Existing Phone Number including Toll-Free, Landline, Mobile Number

Supports Delivery & Read Reports

Supports Only Successful Sent Reports

🚫 Not possible to send marketing, promotional messages after 24 hours window

βœ… Can send any type of messages

Pre Approved template needed for sending messages after 24 hours window

βœ… Can send any type of contents


Monthly Rent Starts From $199

Monthly Rent Starts From $5 or Pay $0..005 Per Message

Session Charges per message $0.001 onwards (Free Plan Also Available)

βœ… No Session Charges

Template Charges based on the destination country

βœ… No Country Wise Charges and No Template Charges

One Time Setup Charges Starting from $199

βœ… No Setup Charges


Highly Scalable

Scalable from 20 TPS to 250 TPS.

The default speed is 20 TPS

TPS = Through Put Per Second (Messages send and receive in a second)

Receiving Text Messages: 30 to 40 per minute

Sending Reply Text Messages: 40 to 60 per minute

Sending Text & Media files (without user start conversation) : 5 to 6 per minute

βœ… High Availability & 99.5% Uptime

Phone should be always on and connected to the internet

Guaranteed High Message Delivery Ratio, 98% Average Delivery Ratio

Messages may miss when sending in large, 95% Average Delivery Ratio


Required Dedicated Server & Complicated System Architecture

Required Andriod 5 or Above with Minimum 1 GB RAM & 500 MB Free Storage + Always Connected Internet + Phone Unlocked + Phone & Language Should Set to English

Managed by Us

Managed by You

βœ… 99.5% Uptime

Depends on the Internet Connection Uptime & Phone Performance

Fully Managed & Hosted by Us

Managed & Hosted by you

End to End Encryption

End to End Encryption


WhatsApp Approval Required to Get Started

βœ… No Approval Required

7 -10 Days Onboarding Time

βœ… Within 5 Minutes

OPT-IN Required to Start A Conversation who never interacted with your number

βœ… Not Required (Highly Recommended)

βœ… Liberal Blocking Algorithms

🚫 Standard Blocking Algorithms

Facebook Business Manager Required

βœ… Not Required

Business Existence Should be Verified by Whatsapp From Nov 13, 2019 onwards

βœ… Not Required

Use Case & Suggested Solution

Please go through the below use case along with our suggested solution

Use Case WhatsApp Official Phone Automation

I have a SaaS product and providing service to many customers through my existing application

Each customer need to approve by WhatsApp and once they are approved you can manage them through Webhook & API’s

Each customer need to have an Andriod Phone connected to the internet and you can manage the phone through Webhook & API

I have an eCommerce platform and currently sending 10k messages per day including abandon cart, dispatch alert, feedback, offers etc

You are not allowed to send any marketing messages or offers through WhatsApp Official Account. You can send dispatch alert, OTP etc using templates

No message restriction you can send any kind of messages but if you want to send 10k messages in a day this solution is not recommended since it can send only 6 to 60 messages in a minute

I am a taxi aggregator and I want to offer a quick solution to my users to book a taxi by simply sharing their location with my WhatsApp number

The official solution is recommended

Not possible to extract the location coordinates

I am a developer want to verify mobile number by sending OTP

You can show an opt-in form in your webpage or app.

You can send OTP, please mind the number of messages you want to send at a time.

The best method is to display your number in your Web or App and ask them to send a code to your WhatsApp

You can also make use of WhatsApp shorten URL to prefill the OTP , so that user can avoid saving your number and typing the message manually

We are a TV Channel and want viewers to send their video, audio, and picture for audition purpose through WhatsApp

Official Solutions is Recommended

No Native support for extracting incoming media messages, still using our Reply Back URL you can prompt users to upload media files in a page.

I am a chatbot developer and want to deploy conversation chatbots for my customers

Both Solutions can be used, mind the scalability i.e how many conversations you want to engage at a time

Official Solutions supports upto 250 conversations in a second.

Limited Concurrent Messaging Speed, 40 to 60 messages can send and receive in a minute

We are a digital marketing agency and want to make use of Sequence Drip Campaign, send periodic offers, cross-sell and upsell.

Not Allowed

Phone automation is best for permission-based marketing. Please mind the sending speed limitations

Choose the Best Solution For You

We have two options to get started with WhatsApp Busines Solution. Please select the best solution based on your requirements


WhatsApp Official Solution

WhatsApp Official Solution is a fully managed enterprise scalable solution suitable for businesses who wants to engage large audiences through WhatsApp. Before start using WhatsApp Official Solution, your business and phone number must be approved by WhatsApp. Don't worry we will take approval for you.

Price Starts From $199


Phone Automation Solution

We make use of your existing Android Phone & WhatsApp Number as a gateway to automate. In order to automate you need to install our bridge app in your android phone which will act as a bridge between your WhatsApp and our servers. Get Started in 5 Minutes and No Approval Required.

Price Starts From $5

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